Sheet metal protective film

Sheet steel is a sub-type of flat-rolled products with a large volume of production and consumption. It is highly-demanded both as a ready-made product and as a workpiece for the manufacture of hardware items. Sheet steel can have different types of surface coating: galvanization, polymeric, paint-and-lacquer coating.

Protective film on steel sheet

Just as any flat-rolled product, sheet steel can get into the category of the off-standard product because of surface crippling, cover damage or corrosion processes. Usually, the above defined problems are the result of wrong storage, negligent transportation, not proper use. Biopack special self-adhesive protective film can provide effective protection of the constructional material.

Manufacture and supply of the protective film for steel products and sheets

The strong polymeric film with one-side adhesive coating based on special acrylic dispersion is used for protection against scratches, scrapes, chips and other unpleasant consequences of the wrong transportation and storage of products.

Amongst general properties are thickness and the adhesion strength between film and product surface. Thickness increases the strength and protective functions. In case of sheet metal, the film with medium adhesion is more often applied. A remarkable feature of a packing material lies not only in the comfort of application but also in fast removal of the film from flat-rolled products without traces on a surface.

The protective film is manufactured at a thickness from 30 to 80 μm, with length up to 1000 m and width up to 1500 mm. Delivery form: reels. The product is available for orders in different transparency and color variants. Logos or colors of the company can be applied to a film at the customer request. It will help you to provide a market promotion of your trademark and your clients to distinguish your goods from fakes.

When is the protective film most needed?

Good protection is especially relevant for stainless flat-rolled products with a treated surface. In general, it is a practical way to keep a vendibility of goods. In addition, it worth to mention not only functionality but also low cost of the protective film, which makes the use of it economically efficient.

Why is it profitable to work with us?

You can get PE protective films for steel products, PVC materials, furniture facades from our company. Two production lines, more than 100 employees, products quality control and flexible conditions of cooperation. The company is able to complete orders of any level of complexity.

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