Protective layer for aluminum products

The storage and transport of aluminum lath ceilings requires special attention to ensure their perfect look. The smallest scratch or other defect on the surface becomes visible once the structure is being installed. That will definitely upset the eventual user.

Protective film on aluminum ceiling

Preservation of the perfect product look on its way from the conveyor to the consumer is a responsible task for the manufacturers. Customers do not really care about the reason of defects: whether it is manufacturing flaw or have happened during transportation, they only evaluate the final condition of the delivered product.

Protective films for preservation of aluminum lath ceilings’ marketable condition

The aluminum structures are widely used due to the unique properties of this metal. It is light, quite soft and the polished aluminum surface has a silver glance. If the surface is mat then it looks as a perfectly flat and sharp. However, in order to preserve the marketable appearance of aluminum structures it is necessary to use protective materials.

Effective protection of such structures is guaranteed by a self-adhesive protective film for the aluminum lath ceilings. Products covered with that film are effectively protected from mechanical damage and abrasions. Thanks to the unique adhesive composition formed from acrylic dispersion, low density polyethylene film fully covers aluminum surfaces, saving from air, moisture and other aggressive substances.

Properties of the protective film for aluminium lath ceilings

Protective film is used to ensure the safety of aluminum surfaces while storing products in warehouses, as well as while delivering them to the end user. The low density polyethylene material keeps its properties in a wide temperature range. Strong film makes a safe barrier to the water and withstands mechanical stress. Within the service life it is easily removed from the aluminum without leaving any traces.

Advantages of using the protective film

  1. Thanks to the protective film the aluminum lath ceiling manufacturers preserve the perfect marketable appearance of their product during the stages of storage and transportation.
  2. There will be no complaints from consumers about any defects in products caused by damage or because of mishandling.
  3. No need to care a lot about storage conditions for the protected products. This saves money.
  4. The demand for products covered with a protective film is higher, as the film minimizes the risk of damage during the installation work.

Protective film for the aluminum lath ceilings is produced on high-tech equipment, which provides unique properties that distinguish BIOPACK products from existing analogues. Using protective packaging on the basis of the LDPE, you can be sure of the safety of your product while it is being transported from the production line to the end user.

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