Gutter protection film

The application of special gutter surface protection not only makes it look perfect, but also makes the roof drainage system live more.

The gutter coating is originally protected against damp and dust. However, any damage to the surface integrity makes it vulnerable to corrosion.

Gutter protective film

A slightest сhip, crack, or abrasion triggers destruction process, as a result of which the operational value of the material is gradually decreasing. The first obvious challenge is the deterioration of marketable condition. Therefore, it is important to ensure effective rain gutter system protection until the installation moment.

Application of gutter protection film

The thin layer of protection film is effective by its high strength. Firm adherence to the surface of the product provides an effective protective barrier to mechanical impact and contamination. The protection coating of metal or plastic spares you of all worries with regard to keeping your product in safe and ready-for-sale condition. The film provides effective protection of gutters against scratches, cracks, abrasions and chips throughout the non-operational period (before installation and start of exploitation). Gutters covered with film can be easily transported as well as stored in warehouses for longer terms. The protective layer should be removed immediately after product installation.

The protection film is easily removed from the metal surface. Our unique technology allows an easy peeling off the film without any traces of acrylic dispersion, which is also possible due to the well-balanced adhesion level adjusted for your product.

Transparent gutter protective film

After protective film removing from the gutter surface the end consumer will particularly note the perfect marketable condition of the product. The application of protection film at the stage of pre-sale inspection of the elements of drainage systems spares the supplier of the worries concerning the product’s maintenance and warranty compliance terms.

Biopack protection films imply two fully-featured production lines, more than 50 people engaged in production, control over film tension and coating, testing of adhesive, winding, continuous work on holidays.

Why is it profitable to buy our protection film?

"Biopack" company is a supplier with its own production facility. We guarantee the high quality of products and easily meet supply volume requirements.

Gutter protection film produced by "Biopack":

  • easy to apply;
  • provides long-lasting surface protection;
  • keeps marketable condition and performance capability of the product.

We also provide services involving the production of temporary protection film with a logo. Together with our designers you will develop the desired look of the logo or provide ready layouts for printing.

The use of gutter pre-sale protection film produced by “Biopack” enables you to do the following:

  1. to maintain up-to-the-mark quality of your products;
  2. to increase demand for the supplied product having ensured the compatibility of its characteristics with consumer expectations;

Our products will contribute to the integrity of your brand goods.

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