Protective film for aluminum lath ceilings

Any metal product that does not have an upper protective layer may lose its useful properties during transport operations and storage. A plastic protective layer is one of the best protection methods for products even with a complex geometric shape. Biopack is the leader among manufacturers and suppliers of protective materials for products made from aluminum, various metal alloys, plastic and wood.

Protective film on aluminum profile

Aluminum profile is one of the most popular materials in the building industry. Stably high demand for aluminum products, despite the relatively high cost, is due to the light weight and high strength of this material. The cost of the aluminum profile and the requirements to its strength characteristics are comparable. Any manufacturer aims to produce only reliable and durable products in order to avoid possible losses.

Protective layer for aluminum products - why it is important?

The basis for successful marketing is proper product promotion and brand awareness. Biopack specialists can offer the color and transparency of the top layer, apply a logo and other elements of your company brand. This will unify your brand's products on the market and protect the customer from possible fakes. This will serve as a guarantee of authenticity and quality.

For aluminum products, corrosion protection is not as important as an attractive appearance. The external characteristics of products can be spoiled by the presence of the slightest scratch.

Therefore, the protective layer must meet the following requirements:

  • High tensile strength;
  • Suitable adhesion level;
  • Easy removing from the material surface without residues.

Features of production and using

The protective film quality depends on two compounds: LDPE film and a water based acrylic dispersion. Primary polymer is the main raw material for the film. It determines such characteristics as transparency, strength and thickness of the final product. The cost of production is largely influenced by the last two parameters.

The inner surface of the protective layer is coated with special glue, produced on a high quality acrylic basis. The protective film can be removed quickly and easily by a whole piece, does not leave stains even on glossy surfaces.

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