Protective Film For Sheet Flexible PVC

Sheet flexible PVC is a popular finishing material widely used in residential and office spaces. It's crucial to prevent even the slightest damage when transporting this material. The protective film for sheet flexible PVC offered by the Biopack company is the perfect solution.

Protective plastic surface film

How To Protect A Flexible PVC Sheet From Damage

The light weight and durability of polyvinyl chloride make this material highly convenient. PVC sheets are rather flexible, which allows using them to create beautiful bent partitions.

On the other hand, this material's resistance to mechanical damages leaves much to be desired. Damages can easily occur if you drop a heavy item on a PVC sheet or if you drop the sheet itself. Scratches constitute a danger, too. Virtually any surface damage, even a small one, can render the material unusable.

To ensure the PVC sheets are safe from such accidents, you need a protective film. It's applied to the surface right after the material is manufactured. Once the mounting works are all said and done, you can easily remove the protective layer. The coating is durable enough to protect the surface from most damages.

How To Select A Proper Film

The LDPE film is the recommended choice for sheet flexible PVC, as this material is:

  • lightweight;
  • thin;
  • colored, matte or glossy – its appearance is up for discussion;
  • easy to use.

Despite its thinness, such a film ensures a sufficient level of protection. You can opt for either glossy or matte coating. Our standard color is green, but you are free to select any other tone or shade. A colored protective coating is easier to remove, as you can clearly see the areas where the film is still in place.

Protective film on a PVC sheet

The adhesive layer is an acrylic-based dispersive composition that fastens the protective coating tightly to the surface of the sheet. The adhesive retains its properties for a long time, so you can be sure the film won't come off before the storage, transportation and mounting stages are over. After the PVC product is installed, you can easily remove the protective film. The adhesive leaves no traces on the surface of the material.

Managers of the Biopack company are ready to consult you on any questions regarding the choice of a protective film for PVC sheets and the placement of an order. Just call us at +7 (495) 775-08-08, or send us an email.

Having our own production facilities, we always guarantee that your order will be fulfilled within clear time frames. Our team is at your service!

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