Protection film for metal roof tile

The metal roof tile surface has a specific texture, which can be negatively influenced during processing, transportation and installation. Modern protection film, which was created taking into account the technical features of the roofing, can be used in order to prevent unwanted mechanical stress on the material.

The main characteristics and advantages of protection films for metal roof tile

Self-adhesive film for metal roof tile is a product of low-density polyethylene, one side of which contains a two-component acrylic adhesive. Special additives make the film easy-removable from the surface without leaving stains.

Polyethylene protection for roofing sheets is made with the following technical parameters:

  1. The thickness varies from 30 to 70 microns;
  2. The length of the product is variable. It can be produced in any sizes on the customer’s request.

Protection films for metal roof tiles have the following advantages:

  1. Protect the roofing material from a wide range of damages, pollution, including UV and moisture;
  2. Can be used as a package for preserving the individual properties of metal during storage in warehouse, transportation and installation;

Special tips for self-adhesive films application

The protection film is applied to the metal roof tile at the end of the production process.

Self-adhesive film for metal roof tile is a temporary covering. So the basic recommendation is to remove protective film in 3 months after its application. Otherwise the film can be stuck to the metal under the influence of sunlight and temperature changes. That would be difficult to remove film.

Advantages of order of protection film in our company

LLC Biopack offers its clients to buy a film for metal tile, which correspond to all the necessary technical requirements. Managers of our company will help to carry out any individual order for production of protection film with necessary parameters. We will take into account the required length of the roll. Our clients can choose the adhesive properties of self-adhesive film for effective preservation of metal roof tiles at all stages of use.

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