Protection film for sandwich panels

Protection film protects sandwich panels from mechanical damage and contamination. The thickness can vary from 10 to 60 microns, but it creates reliable protection of the surface of building materials even in the process of repair and construction work. It can protect not only from scratches, but also from more significant damages, such as chips, small cracks and faults.

Sandwich Panel Protector

Types of protective film for sandwich panels

The appearance of protective film may differ significantly depending on its characteristics.

The main criteria, based on which it is possible to differentiate a protective coating, are:

  1. By colors. Today is mainly used transparent, black or white;
  2. The film can be customized. It is possible to apply a logo or the drawing, which the customer needs, or simply leave contact information on the film;
  3. By adhesion degree. The protective film adhesion level depends on the protected surface material.

This film is available in reels with one adhesive side with the certain length and width of the roll, suitable for optimal sandwich panels coating. Its type doesn’t matter, because in any case it can easily carry out the task – to protect covered materials from damage and contamination.

Protection film advantages

In addition to protection film purpose, it also has a number of advantages in use, the main of which are as follows:

  1. Easy use. Adhesive side helps to apply the film on the surface easily and quickly. After its removal there are no stains.
  2. UV exposure protection. Protective film makes building materials resistant to ultraviolet exposure.

The films strength and safety will let keep your sandwich panels safe to the end of the works, save nerves in case of possible damage and save the funds on new materials in case of damage.

Reasons to trust us the right film article choice

We produce and supply protective film since 2001, every year increasing our production capacities and introduce innovations to optimize the cost and improve the quality of our products. Our specialists will help to choose the most optimal product option to satisfy the customer’s request.

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